Chamart Exclusives
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Chamart Limoges
Wedding Cake
2 ¾" x 2"

Our wedding cake is delicately decorated with roses and detailed with gold. The bluebirds of happiness rest on top. The painted interior houses a top hat and bonnet.

Cat at Piano
2 ¼" x 1 ½" x 2 ⅛"

A melancholy musician has a rose awaiting his newest love interest. This piece is part of an amusingly decorated series depicting animals in lifelike positions.

Baby Frame Bears

What is more perfect gift for the new arrival than this picture frame with facing birth certificate? Space is provided for instant personalization of name, date, and place of the new arrival. A delicate pastel ribbon wraps from front to back, and a 1st teddy bear graces the cover.

American Flag
1 ¾" x ⅝"

This brightly painted Old Glory accurately depicts all 50 stars on its rich blue field. Inside inscription “America the Beautiful” over the majesty of purple mountains.

Romance Basket

Be it mother, wife, or a special someone, this lavishly painted basket is filled with everything to make a girl happy - flowers, perfume, and chocolate.


Bunny with Basket
3" x 2"

This charming little spring bunny has filled her basket with flowers. A perfect addition for rabbit collectors and gardeners.


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